Experimenting in the dark room














A satisfying coincidence..

Just some rather amusing experimentation..  The bonnet I created as part of my packaging project was made on a mannequin head I own,  I used the same mannequin head to created several papier mache heads on last year and earlier on this year. So the bonnet fits each one on these heads perfects and the outcome of first two (..possibly three) I love.

Maybe an idea for a future project?



I created the heads using paper pulp, filler, PVA glue and water. I then painted them using acrylic paint.

My interpretation of the packaging project…

I have recently been in Lithuania as part of a creative Europe project for which we discussed political crisis and what that means to us. It sparked many Brexit conversations and generally chat about how surreal and scary politics is at the moment. This along with the current generally confusing politics that I am trying to keep up with at the moment has left me thinking about not a lot else.

So when faced with a project on the theme of packaging I immediately began thinking about what are we packaged in.. Thinking about this more along the lines of what are we confined into…

I decided to approach this from a very personal point of view. I have done traditional welsh clog dancing from quite a young age and have competed in many competitions. I have always had strong opinions about the rules and conventions. My problems being mainly with the costumes.. The conversation I find myself having time and time again is that wales has become so insistent on keeping the tradition alive that they have insisted on keeping it exactly the same so that the costumes have now become historical as apposed to traditional. Traditions move with the times but the welsh clog dancing costume has definitely not done that. Due to this I have found these competitions at times very surreal.

The installation I have made is, as always a mish mash of ideas and general confusions. I have made it feel like an outdated living room filled with intense clashing pattern and hidden symbolism. I have also created a surreal interpretation of a traditional welsh costume but using my preferred bright clashing (..slightly obnoxious) colours. 

The skirt:

Made from chicken wire and then papier mache over the top. Painted with acrylic paint.

The Bonnet:



The shawl:




Water colour on tissue paper, glued onto a bubble wrap shawl with PVA glue. 

I have tried to incorporate lots of references to the welsh culture in this piece so I decided to try and use the hidden devil in the shawl from this famous welsh painting called ‘Salem’.


The Mari Lwyd:


Another reference to an important welsh tradition. The Mari Lwyd. Made by my dad, I have used this in the place of where some might put a stag head of something similar.

The final installation


Packaging 6 .jpg


Packaging 2

It’s bizarre.. I know but thats exactly the point. With this piece I am welcoming people to be confused, more specifically for to be confused about the twisted ideas people seem to have about keeping things as they have been in the past. Without considering how far we have come. Resulting, from my perspective in a strange outdated situation where nothing seems to be working quite as one would like..

Packaging 5 .jpg

*sips small retro cup of tea* please, discuss..